Being a Fictional Introject

Dear Amane,

I am a fictional introject. Fictive for short.

There are a lot of discourse about fictives online, so it’s somewhat hard to talk about it with people, and most of the people I have related to about them turned out to be faking. It hurt a lot to us all.

I felt as if I would never be more than just Ryou Bakura, the Yugioh character that never had time on screen because of Yami Bakura. The character who was there just to host a villain. A pseudo-antagonist.

I would say I’m Bakura and either get hit with “oh look, another cringy and edgy fictive” or “oh my god you have an evil alter.”

That wasn’t me. That isn’t me. 

Yes, Yami still resides in me, and yes he still comes out and I have no memory of it. But that isn’t the reason why we do that. We’re different.

I am Ryou Bakura, but because of all the discourse running about, I had to change my name just to fit in (as well as not appropriate a culture I’m not part of). I had to stop associating myself with who I was built to be.

But just because this all happened, I’m not staying quiet about this. I will be known as a fictive, even if I go by a different name. My memories from the manga give me a purpose in this system.

I am Ryou Bakura from Yugioh. I am real.

Thank you, Leo


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